Why am I getting a Windows Installer error?


In some cases, the installation of our software can be interrupted by an error from the Windows Installer. This is likely due to issues with privileges on your account, so please begin by running the installer file as an administrator. If this does not resolve your issue, please see our guide below on how to run the installation in Verbose mode which will provide the installer with elevated privileges to complete your installation.

1. Please first remove all existing installation files from the Downloads folder.

2. Download the recommended software for your device by clicking HERE .

3. Once the software is downloaded, copy the installation file from the Downloads folder directly into C:\ drive

4. Go to Start or click the Search field. Type in cmd and look for cmd.exe or Command Prompt. Right click it and choose the option to Run as administrator.

5. In the command prompt type in cd C:/ and press Enter.

6. Type in the following command below to start the installation of the DYMO software
    • Please note: the command must be exact so feel free to copy and paste it into the command prompt.
    • DCDSetup1.4.4.17.exe /V”/lvx* C:\DCD_install.log”

7. Press Enter and proceed with the installation as normal.

8. After the installation has been successfully completed, delete the Installer file and dcd_install.log (or dls8_install.log) from C:/drive

Please note: If you are trying to install older versions of our software or different software, please replace the command in step 4 with the name of the installation file. Below you will find examples of other DYMO software.

    • DYMO Connect
      DCDSetup1.4.3.131.exe /V”/lvx* C:\DCD_install.log”
    • DYMO Connect
      DCDSetup1.3.2.18.exe /V”/lvx* C:\dcd_install.log”
    • DYMO Label v. 8.7.4
      DLS8Setup8.7.4.exe /V”/lvx* C:\dls8_install.log”
    • DYMO Label v. 8.5.4
      DLS8Setup8.5.4.exe /V”/lvx* C:\dls8_install.log”
    • For Rhino 6000+ and XTL
    • DYMO ID v. 1.5.1
      DYMOIDSetup.1.5.1.exe /V”/lvx* C:\DYMOID_install.log”
    • DYMO ID v. 1.4.7
      DYMOIDSetup.1.4.7.exe /V”/lvx* C:\DYMOID_install.log”


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