How do I fix tape jam and poor embossing quality issues with my Rhino M1011?


Taking care of your embosser

There are a few things we can keep in mind while using the embosser, which in return will provide us with higher-quality characters and ensure you will not have issues with the feed of your tape.

    • Keep the following in mind when using the label maker:
    • Letters appear where you want spaces – You are probably squeezing the embossing handle too hard.
    • Letters overlap – The tape is slipping. This can happen when dirt or grease gets on the rollers. Clean the rollers by using a soft cloth and alcohol, while turning the tape advance knob back and forth several times.
    • Avoid turning the embossing wheel at the same time you are squeezing the embossing handle. This can damage the character wheel.
    • When punching a cable tie slot, make sure the label is well inserted and abutted against the end of the slot. If the label is not inserted to the end, a label jam may occur.
    • It is recommended to regularly remove the label waste from the waste exit at the bottom of the machine.


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