How do I use the LetraTag Iron-On Fabric Labels?


Tape Compatibility

Please ensure that you are using DYMO Authentic tapes, as they are specifically designed to work seamlessly with our devices. Our tapes have undergone thorough testing to deliver the best printing output.


Be sure to test the iron-on label on a fabric you wish to use prior to final application on the item. Irons will vary in settings by a few degrees, so please test label to determine the optimum setting for your iron to adhere the label.

For best results, attach the label to garments with smooth surfaces made from 100% linen, 1 cotton or cotton and polyester blends. Not recommended for silk. or polyester, All fabrics vary so please check garment manufacturers care instructions for fabric content.


Printing with Iron-On Fabric labels.

Insert the iron-on label cassette into the LetraTag. Input the desired text, print your label, and remove carbon from the front of the label.


Attaching the label

Set dry iron on medium high temperature (290°F to 370°F, or 130°C to 170°C). Remove any wrinkles from fabric by ironing the section where you want to place the label. Place the label on the fabric. Cover with cloth (preferably cotton) and press the iron on the label for 10 seconds. Be careful not to move the iron as this may dislodge the label from its position. Repeat 3 times with a focus on the label corners, allowing sufficient cooling between each repetition.

Avoid attaching labels to the following garments:

– Cloth with long strands of thread, such as pile
– Material with an uneven surface
– Materials treated for water resistance
– Heat sensitive materials
– Dark materials, as they may change color
– Silk, Wool or 100% polyester



Use mild detergent or alkaline detergents for washing with a temperature setting below 150° F (60° C). Garments with correctly attached labels can be washed a number of times. The use of bleach over an extended period of time may discolor the label.


Removing the label

Set the iron to a medium high temperature. Press the iron down firmly on the label and in place for 10 seconds. Remove the iron, using tweezers take a corner of the label and begin to peel the label/backing off the fabric. Caution: Use care not to touch the label or iron, as both will be hot. If the label cools, repeat the process.

Caution: Keep iron out of reach of children. The iron-on labels are non-toxic, but Should not ingested.


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