How do I fix misaligned print issues when printing from 3rd party software?


For issues with misaligned print when printing from 3rd party applications or software (eg. Shopify / Amazon / PayPal etc), please follow the steps listed below:

1. Make sure that you have the latest version of our DYMO Software installed on your computer. To check that, please navigate to:
Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features

You should have either DYMO Connect or DYMO Label installed.



2. If you do not have the DYMO software installed, you can download the required software compatible with your operating system and printer HERE. Once you have the DYMO software installed you can proceed with the next steps.

3. Navigate to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound \ Devices and Printers. Locate your DYMO LabelWriter printer, right click on it and select Printing Preferences.

4. Select Advanced.

5. Now choose the correct label size inserted into your printer from the Paper Size drop down list and then select Apply and then click on OK. The label size can be determined from the part number listed on the back of the label or the box.

6. Right click on the  DYMO LabelWriter printer in Devices and Printers, select Printer Properties and then click on Print Test Page. This should print a Windows Test Page.



7. Now Open the DYMO Software, select the correct label size and print a sample label. This will help confirm the settings and the selected label size.

8. If the test page and the sample label were printed out correctly, please go to your 3rd party application and try printing. If they were not printed out correctly, please double check if the labels selected in step 5 and the DYMO Software are the same size as the labels inserted into your printer.

If you still experience issues with misaligned print when printing from the 3rd party application, please contact their support as the issue is most probably related to the printer settings in that application.


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