Why am I unable to launch my DYMO program?


Why does it happen?

In some cases, various settings or changes within the software can generate temporary files which fail to load. In these situations, you may find that you are not able to open the software past the loading screen, while in other situations you may receive an error message. When this happens, we can clear the temporary files so that they no longer prevent the software from opening as intended.

How do I clear the temporary files?

1. Close the Dymo software and any other application which may use the DYMO add-ins. For example, Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook. A good practice is to close all applications currently running on your system so that everything is covered.
2. Press the combination of two keys on your keyboard: Windows + R. Run prompt should show up. In this window type in %localappdata% and then press enter.

3. In the newly opened folder delete both the “DYMO” and “Sanford,_L.P” folders. If you receive an error informing you the folders are in use, please check your task tray and close any DYMO services running.
4. Close the window and reopen your DYMO program.

You will now see your program like it has been opened for the first time.


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