DYMO LabelWriter Print Server information and FAQ


LabelWriter Print Server was designed for small office or home environments where having the printer connected to multiple systems and not relying on system level printer sharing is necessary for ease of use of our LabelWriter printers.

You can find all the necessary information about how to set up DYMO LabelWriter print Server with our printers as well as frequently asked questions below.


Setting up the DYMO LabelWriter Print Server with your LabelWriter 400 – 450 printer:

1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the right side of the print server.
2. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into an available Ethernet connection on your router.
3. Plug the USB cable from your LabelWriter printer into the right side of the print server. Make sure that the USB cable is connected to your printer and that your printer is connected to power.
4. Plug the print server power adapter into the left side of the print server.
5. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a power outlet.


Please note: DYMO does not support setups using hubs, switches or multiple subnets. A direct connection between the printer and print server, then print server and your router is required.

The Control Center software included with your print server gives you quick access to everything that you need to configure and manage your print server. You can install the software on a computer which is connected to the network where you would like to share the printer. Please note that the Control Center is only compatible with MacOS versions up to 10.13 (High Sierra).


The Control Center downloads:
Windows (7 – 10)
MacOS (10.10 – 10.13)

You can find more detailed information on the LabelWriter Print Server from the user guide by clicking: HERE
If you are unable to download or use the Control Center software, here is an article on how to configure the DYMO LabelWriter Print Server without the software, click: HERE


Frequently asked questions:

Can I connect a LabelWriter 550 series printer to a DYMO LabelWriter Print Server?

No, DYMO LabelWriter 550 series printers is not compatible with any print server. Instead, please use our other printers like LabelWriter 550 Turbo, which come with a LAN port at the back, allowing them to be connected to a network directly, removing the need for a print server entirely.


Do I need other products in order to set up the LabelWriter Print Server?

Here is a list of things you will need:
  1. LabelWriter 400 or 450 series printer, with their USB cables and power adapters that they came with.
  2. DYMO Software or drivers themselves, which you can find below:
    Software: HERE
    Drivers: HERE
  3. LabelWriter Print Server
  4. Standard Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connector
  5. Ethernet connection to your Local Area Network.
Optionally, you can install our Print Server Control Center software for easier installation.


Can I connect a USB hub to the LabelWriter Print Server and connect multiple printers to it?

No, The LabelWriter Print Server can only translate between a single printer and the network. USB Hubs and other non-printer devices such as switches are not supported.


What is the latest firmware version and where can I find it?

The latest firmware version for DYMO LabelWriter Print Server is version 2.366.
You can check which version of the firmware your LabelWriter Print Server is using in the web GUI.
You can download the latest firmware by clicking: HERE


Can I print to a LabelWriter on a different gateway or subnet using the DYMO LabelWriter Print Server?

DYMO LabelWriter Print Server does not support printing to LabelWriter printers on different gateways or subnets. The DYMO Print Server was designed to work in small office environments that use a single subnet.


What is the difference between the LabelWriter Print Server and other print servers?

The LabelWriter print server was specifically designed to work with LabelWriter 400, 450, and 4XL series of printers only. Although the printers may work with some third-party print servers, we do not recommend or support such setups.
Note, DYMO LabelWriter 400 and 450 DUO are only compatible with DYMO LabelWriter Print Servers.

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