Can I print to a LabelWriter which is connected to another MacOS based computer on the network?


Printer sharing
First, verify that the LabelWriter has been added to the printer list on the local workstation (the workstation where the LabelWriter is physically connected to), DYMO Connect (MacOS 10.14 or higher) or DYMO Label Software for MacOS is installed, and that the LabelWriter prints successfully on the local workstation from our software. Once you’ve verified those elements, you will need to enable sharing to give other MacOS workstations on the network access to the printer. To enable printer sharing, click on the Apple icon and select ‘System Settings’. In the System Settings window, click on the Sharing icon. Turn Printer Sharing on. Go back to the System Settings window and click on the Printers and Scanners icon. Select the LabelWriter and tick the option Share this printer on the network. In order to print to the LabelWriter from other MacOS workstations on the network, you’ll need to add the LabelWriter to the printer list on each workstation you wish to print from.

Please note that printer sharing is not a DYMO feature, and we are unable to support it. As an alternative we offer our LabelWriter Print Server which is responsible for sharing your device on the network.



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